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The relevant configuration requirements and monitoring defaults are detailed in the Management Pack internal Knowledge base.


The management pack implements the following monitoring scenarios:
  • Storage Pool consumption
The DPM Storage Pool is the collection of all the disks assigned to DPM. The Management pack collects the precentage of free space and alerts on when this percentage falls below 15% and 5%.
  • Protection Group SLA breaches
Starting with UR4 it is possibile to define a specific SLA for Protection groups
  • Data Source protection SLA breaches
For data sources contained in PG with defined SLA it checks for any breach

  • QND.DPM2012.SLAProtectionGroup (Protection Group with SLA) derived from Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataProtectionManager.2011.Library.ProtectionGroup
    • Adds SLA property to keep track of protection group defined SLA, discovered by default every 5 hours and 20'
  • QND.DPM2012.DataSourceswithSLA.Group (DPM Data Sources with SLA)
  • QND.DPM2012.DataSourceswithoutSLA.Group (DPM Data Sources without SLA)

  • QND.DPM2012.Addendum.SPFreeSpace (DPM: Storage Pool Free Space)
    • Monitors Storage Pool Free Space
  • QND.DPM2012.Addendum.DSSLA (DPM: DS In SLA)
    • Monitors the datasource recopery point SLA
  • QND.DPM2012.Addendum.PGSLA (DPM: PG In SLA)
    • Monitors the Protection Group SLA

  • QND.DPM2012.Addendum.SPFreeSpace.Rule (DPM: Storage Pool Free Space %)
    • Collects DPM Storage Pool Free Space %

  • QND.DPM2012.DisableRPMonitorForSLADS
    • disables alert generation for Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataProtectionManager.2011.Discovery.RecoveryPointCreationFailed targeted at QND.DPM2012.DataSourceswithSLA.Group
  • QND.DPM2012.DisableSLAMonitorForNoSLADS
    • disables SLA monitoring (QND.DPM2012.Addendum.DSSLA) targeted at QND.DPM2012.DataSourceswithoutSLA.Group
  • QND.DPM2012.DisableStandardSLARule
    • disables Standard SLA rules (QND.DPM2012.DisableStandardSLARule) targeted at Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataProtectionManager.2011.Library.DPMServer

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